Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The Heavenly Signs On My Birthday - What Do They Mean?
By Helena Lehman
August 21, 2007

A while ago, I promised to present an article about the heavenly signs that were present when I was born, and to explain how doing this differs from common Astrology. At last, I’ve found some time to do so, and this article is the result. I hope you will prayerfully read it, and see how the heavenly signs are always in agreement with what the Bible says about the life of every believer.

Viewing our heavenly signs at birth using Sacred Astronomy is different from Astrology in the way that the planets and Zodiac signs are viewed. In fact, contrary to Astrology’s claims, each planet and sign has a godly, biblical, and messianic application. This is an intrinsic part of Sacred Astronomy, but is NEVER mentioned in the Pagan form of Astrology popularized today.

When I look at the heavens visible when I was born using Sacred Astronomy, I can see many distressing and wonderful things that appear to be totally true about me, and my life, and which never appeared in any Natal Horoscope interpretation I had received prior to becoming a born-again Christian in 1987.

First of all, I was surprised to discover that - contrary to conventional Astrology’s claim that I have a Leo Sun sign - that the Sun was centered in Cancer when I was born. I saw many other interesting things in the sky on August 6th, 1957 - with Chicago Illinois at 1:14 AM as a focal point - that I was never told about in conventional applications of Astrology, such as the following:

At the moment of my birth, Taurus was my Ascendant Sign on the eastern horizon, with the Pleiades just above the horizon. Taurus is a powerful sign representing Yahshua’s blood sacrifice on the Cross, and His New Covenant with mankind. Meanwhile, the Pleiades represent the Seven Churches of the Book of Revelation who are counting on the blood of Christ to save them from sin and death forever. Could this mean that I was destined to preach to the Seven Churches about the meaning of our New Covenant with Christ, just as I am now?

In addition, the Moon and the planet Saturn were visible on the opposite side of the Zodiac. There, the Sabbath-Rest planet Saturn was squarely in the satanic sign of Scorpio, probably indicating that my life would see very little rest, or peace. Because of spiritual turmoil, physical illness, and emotional strife, I have never had a truly peaceful, or love-filled existence. As a result, it has been a super challenge staying true to God’s Word, as well as getting my books finished.

However, there was also a three-quarters full Moon hovering under Scorpio’s decan Ophiuchus, the Strong Man who is wrestling with a giant serpent called Serpens. Ophiuchus represents Christ subduing Satan forever on the Cross, and it may indicate that I would accept Christ’s sacrifice for me on the Cross, but also that I would struggle with Satanic attacks on myself throughout life, and ultimately triumph over them because of what God had chosen to accomplish through me in life.

When the Sun rose on my birthday, it appeared in the sign of Cancer, with the planet Uranus in conjunction with the Beehive Cluster in Cancer. Due to this, I believe that the meaning of Cancer is partly connected to my spiritual personality, and level of discipleship to God. Cancer represents a sheep pen filled with believers in Yahweh and His Son - both Jews and Gentiles who love Yahshua, and see each other as fellow workers in God’s everlasting Kingdom of Grace. Now, Uranus is aligned with the Beehive Cluster, which was also called “the Manger,” and represents Christ as the Bread of Life, and Living Water. This suggests that I would symbolically eat and drink in Christ via Communion, and become a true disciple of His, just as I did.

Next door to Cancer in Leo, the red planet of redemption called Mars was in conjunction with Regulus the King Star when I was born. Meanwhile, also in Leo, Mercury, the scribe and prophet planet, and Venus, the symbol of Christ as the Light of the World, and bright Morning Star were in close proximity to each other. Due to the presence of these three celestial bodies in Leo at my birth, the sign of Leo, the roaring Lion representing Christ returning in Wrath and Glory at the end of the Great Tribulation probably also has much to do with my true spiritual accomplishments in life, which now center around writing (as a scribe) and proclaiming (as a prophetess) to others about the fact that Christ is coming soon as a mighty Warrior King who will soon exact the ultimate wrath upon His enemies. It also may indicate that I am now, and was always destined to become a princess in God’s everlasting Kingdom.

On the day that I was born, there was one final sign of importance in the heavens at my birth. This was the planet Jupiter, the Messiah planet appearing in the head region of the sign of Virgo, with the planet Neptune at Virgo’s feet. Virgo represents the virgin Miriam (i.e. Mary) who gave birth to Christ, but also represents Israel, and the True Church. Could this mean that I am destined to be prophetically anointed, and also to anoint the head and feet of the people in the True Church before Christ’s Second Coming, and show them the teachings that God revealed to me in study, prayers, dreams, and visions?

Only God truly knows the answers to the meaning of the signs at my birth, but I firmly believe that His Holy Spirit helped me to write this essay, and to explain it in a way that would show others the only true way to apply Sacred Astronomy to one’s own life - without falling into the pitfalls of false Astrology, with its paganistic lies.

I welcome comments, opinions, and questions about this article. If you have any, please contact me at helena (at) pillar-of-enoch (dot) com.

Yours in Christ,
Helena Lehman
Pillar of Enoch Ministry

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