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This is my official notice of an important revision that I made concerning my original description of the illustration depicted a bit further down in this article of two large male antelopes sparring with one another over territory and mating privileges. It appeared for the first time toward the end of my NEW ARTICLE ON THE POEM MINISTRY BLOG named and linked to below:


The illustration required much more explanation for those unfamiliar with my ministry work, so that is why the revision was necessary. Here is the revised information about this illustration that was taken directly from that article:



Joseph's Horns (Kings) Push Ephraim (the USA) and Manasseh (the UK)
To Exert Their Influence All Over The World! 

Looking at the illustration above this paragraph, I have attempted to show not only the natural enmity between animals, but the natural enmity that has arisen from human led ambition and pride in this fallen world. Though many don't know this, all the Tribes of Israel still exist today within the Western Nations of Europe, the United Kingdom and the United States. In other words, they all have an End Time National Association, and Joseph's sons Ephraim and Manasseh are represented by two of the most powerful nations in the West.

These nations are the United Kingdom, which can be seen as Joseph's older son Manasseh, and the United States, which can be seen as the younger brother Ephraim, which became a much bigger and more powerful tribe than Manasseh, just as the USA has surpassed the UK in power. Furthermore, just as horned animals goad one another with their horns, and push each other around, the United States and the United Kingdom have been pushing everyone throughout the world, as well as each other around with their consumer-based economies, push of the English language as the new global language, former religious tolerance, granting of expanded civil liberties, and their mutual focus on materialism, technology and science for many years. But though they once were enemies, and then rivals, they are no longer on opposing spiritual or political sides. This is because they both have been infiltrated by the Scottish Rite Freemasons and the Illuminati, and they are now primed and ready to become the Antichrist's New World Order Kingdom in the near future.

Heavenly Sign on Summer Solstice 2018: Yahshua or Jesus, the
 Warrior Prince is Coming to Rescue His Bride and Destroy the NWO!

The illustration above that shows the Sun directly over Orion on the 2018 Summer Solstice and the Winter Triangle connected to Orion's main star Betelgeuse, Canis Minor's main star Procyon, and Canis Major's main star Sirius was taken from my Ministry blog article linked to below:

The Heavenly Sign Over Orion on the
2018 Summer Solstice That Proclaims 
Christ's Coming to Rescue His Bride

This article about the Signs in the Heavens on the 2018 Summer Solstice ties the very meaningful Signs in the Heavens on that day this year to the rightful Messiah, Who is Yahshua Ha Mashiach or Jesus the Christ, the Son of God and Creator of the Heavens and the Earth. It shows the Sun over Orion's sword, but this Sign is being misused by being connected to Prince William of the UK via his trip to Israel, which happened right after the Sun appeared over Orion this year, and which is a first for any British Royal - ever. But what makes this clearly sinister and suspect is the fact that Prince William was born on the Summer Solstice of 1982, and the Sun was in the exact same position then over the sword of Orion. You can read about that discovery in my Ministry blog article about Prince William's Natal Chart at birth:

Is Prince William the Antichrist?
What The Heavens Reveal

As this article linked to above suggests, the Illuminati very likely induced labor to make sure Prince William was born when the Sun was above Orion's Sword in 1982. If so, they were obviously trying to make Prince William out to be the Messiah of the World, when he is nothing but another clear candidate for the Antichrist! And that is affirmed by the fact that the USA and the UK are now of one accord in their desire to set up the New World Order of the Antichrist via the United Nations, which is depicted in the Bible by the Beast from the Sea in Revelation Chapter 13. These two nations representing Joseph in modern times also control the Beast from the Earth in Revelation Chapter 13, which is connected to Middle Eastern Oil and the United Nations Beast From The Sea. This Beast from the Earth is represented in the heavens by Taurus the Bull, which was the ancient emblem for the Tribe of Joseph. but is also connected to the horns of the Unicorn. In Medieval times, the White Unicorn became a symbol for Christ, and it appeared frequently in art and tapestries as allusion to Christ. Unfortunately, however, that may also have been done to associate Christ with the Unicorn used in British Royal Heraldry. But if so, this was and still is just another man-made deception of the Illuminati.

That is likely why the Unicorn is referred to in connection with the Tribe of Joseph, as shown in my use of the King James Bible to quote Deuteronomy 33:16-17, and why a modern constellation called "Monoceros" or "One horned" (which is depicted as a Unicorn!) is now located right over where the Winter Triangle that was sacred to the Ancient Israelites as a symbol of their Covenants with God is located. This addition of Monoceros and about 30 other once nonexistent constellations to international constellation databases is NOT God's doing! It was a man-made addition to the sacred testimony in the heavens that Yahshua created, and it is an affront and ABOMINATION to God to say that the descendants of the Tribe of Joseph in America and the UK are keeping God's Covenants, which they are no longer doing because they have abandoned the True Christ and Christianity! It is also an affront to God for them to even suggest that they are going to provide a Christ or Messiah for the world - especially when Yahshua, the Holy and Anointed One Who now resides in Heaven has already been provided by God the Father! But that is EXACTLY what the Illuminati are saying with the Monoceros constellation superimposed over the always and forever Sacred Winter Triangle that Yahshua made to guide us with His Truth!

Ecuador Artifact Connected to Noah Shows Stars Connected to the Middle Eastern 
Locations of God's Covenants With Mankind That Were Sacred to the Ancient Israelites
The artifact depicted above is a symbol of faith of the ancestors of the Israelites in the line of Noah's son Shem or Melchizedek and Abraham. They knew of the Battle between Light and Darkness, and they were loyal to God's cause and eager to do His Will. The Battle of the Sons of Light Versus The Sons of Darkness is still ongoing, and it can certainly be seen in the radical divisions in the world today caused by those who are trying to thwart or delay the setting up of the New World Order, and those who are actively trying to usher it in! It can also be seen in the growing worldwide hatred of both Jews and Christians.

Read the article linked to at the beginning of this post, and the other articles that I liked to in this revision in order to find out more!

Your Sister In Yahshua,
Helena Lehman of the
Pillar of Enoch Ministry

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