Friday, September 22, 2017


PUBLISHED AT 1:11 PM! I preached to a very legalistic man on the phone on Thursday, September 21st, 2017. This was the first day of the Feast of Trumpets, and the day of the Autumn Equinox, so I think that this was a significant event. During our phone conversation, I gave this distraught, argumentative man the Gospel of Salvation not once, but twice, and he rejected it - finally hanging up on me. It was terribly frustrating and tragic, and God knows I tried to reach him. But this just goes to show me once again that, sometimes, those who think that we are saved by works alone completely miss the point of the Gospel.

This man thinks we are saved by the righteous acts we decide to do to please God, when that is not true at all. We are not to try and guess what God wants from us, but to pray and ask Him to reveal what our calling is, and to rely on the Holy Spirit to direct our righteous acts, not our own flesh. I told him this, and also said that we are seen as filthy and disgusting to God unless we are covered by the Blood of Yahshua or Jesus, and it is only through His righteous perfection and His indwelling Spirit that we can be seen as righteous.

I also told him that spiritually born again believers can't be possessed by demons, because the Spirit of God is in them, and the Spirit kicks all the demons out when it enters. But this man kept telling me that I have demons because I disagreed with him! That's when I told him that, when we go to the foot of the Cross and tell Yahshua or Jesus that we are lousy sinners and need forgiveness and His Spirit to be made righteous, He covers us with His cloak of pure white righteousness, takes off our filthy black cloak of sin, and destroys it with His righteousness.

When we go to Yahshua to be forgiven and we accept His shed blood as the perfect payment for our sins, God can't see our sins anymore, but only the righteous acts of our Savior. So it is NOT our righteousness that God is pleased with when He looks at us, and sees us loving one another and doing as Yahshua did, but the righteousness we inherit through Christ. It is Christ alone who gives us His Spirit's fruits and gifts so we can be like Him, and it is only by His Spirit's guidance that we can please both the Son of God and His Father. This is what it means to be saved by Grace.

For this relationship with God through the Holy Spirit to happen though, a person must be born again in the Spirit - with the Spirit of God inhabiting the place in their hearts where their own spirits might dwell with demonic spirits until the Holy Spirit kicks them out. When this happens, Christ's shed Blood for our sins covers us like a bloodstained white robe or cloak, and through it we are seen as righteous. But get this! Christ's Blood does not cry out for vengeance like the blood of other martyrs that were murdered before Christ, but for mercy instead! Because our God is not the God of hate, but of love and mercy, and this is WHY He asks us to forgive our brother not seven times, but seventy times seven!

I also told this legalistic man that we are not supposed to fight the enemy with our physical muscles, but with the power of the Holy Spirit in us - the power of God that seals us for salvation. We are soldiers for Christ in the sense that we fight the enemy with our Faith and the Word of God in us that the Spirit brings to mind when we preach and teach others the Gospel. In this manner, we try to save them from the spiritual darkness that has blinded them to the truth that there is no other way to Heaven but THROUGH Christ (John 14:6). It is by Yahshua's blood, and under Yahshua's Name that we must be saved!

Do you know what this legalistic man did after I spoke to, and listened to him patiently for over an hour? He told me to shut up, that he was to teach me and not the other way around, that I sound like a typical Christian preacher, and that I was boring him to death with my fairy tales! Do you see the injustice and twisted thinking in that? I sure did! So many Legalists do NOT preach the true GOSPEL! Instead, they revile it, and they revile the Blood and Spirit of Jesus or Yahshua, which are the only things that can save us!

So then, what is Grace? It is the unmerited favor of God on a person that is glad to be covered by the saving Blood of Yahshua, and who shows it with every action, word and deed - as the Spirit leads! The graphic at the beginning of this article is the abbreviated version of this statement that I made to show the truth about Grace on Facebook on the same day.

With Love From,
Your Sister In Yahshua,
Helena Lehman of the
Pillar of Enoch Ministry
NOTE: If there's time before the Rapture, I will add scripture references to back up everything I said here. ~ Helena Lehman

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