Monday, January 18, 2010

Was the Earthquake in Haiti a Consequence of
God’s Judgment Against Haitians?
A Messianic Christian Response

By Helena Lehman

Is Pat Robertson correct in claiming that Haiti was hit with this terrible 7.0 magnitude Earthquake on January 12, 2010 - one that has caused untold destruction and loss of life - because of a past pact with the Devil?

See this You Tube Video to hear Pat making this claim:

If you listen to him carefully, Pat is also implying that Haiti is the poorest country in the West because of their spiritual bankruptcy while the Dominican Republic is prosperous.

But the truth is that the black Haitian slaves of yesteryear never really won their war against the French! In fact, the constant interference of France, the United States and many other Western nations has actually contributed to the political instability and rebellion in that country and reduced its population into utter poverty and virtual slavery for the rich Whites who profit from their cheap labor.

Western interference and the totalitarian grip of the rich has caused terrible political turmoil in Haiti for nearly a century and that is partly why the nation is such a mess.

The following article shows that there is NO TRUTH to the slanderous “Devil Pact” rumor that Pat Robertson is touting as fact:

The preceding article I linked to explains that Pat Robertson is incorrect in his claims against the Haitian community in regard to their having once made a pact with the Devil. However, this does not mean Haiti isn’t under judgment like the rest of the world!

Indeed, if Pat had noted that many Haitians still practice the pantheistic religion that their ancestors practiced in Africa called Voodoo or Vodou, his claim would have had more substance. This demon-worshipping religion shares much in common with the original spiritual beliefs of Native Americans and other demonically inspired primitive religions. Sadly, however, this fact is obscured because most of the people that practice Voodoo are also nominally Catholic and hide their Voodoo practices behind a veil of Catholic rituals and prayers.

Despite this fact, the Haitian community is really no more wicked than the rest of the world, today, where religions and ideologies that reject Yahweh God and Yahshua the Messiah are rampant everywhere. Furthermore, all people are under the curse of the Original Sin and all are sinners that need to believe in and follow Yahshua to be saved or suffer the consequences! In addition, the entire world is under judgment right now for rejecting God and maligning the Cross of Christ and soon God’s wrath toward unrepentant sinners around the world is going to get worse via the onset of the Great Tribulation.

The earthquake in Haiti and many other recent natural disasters are meant to be wake up calls to the world that ALL are under God’s judgment, and He is NOT pleased with the way the world has rejected Him!

For centuries, natural disasters were called “Acts of God” for a reason! We live on a planet tainted by sin and death that is currently governed by God’s great adversary, Satan, and our only protection from Satan’s grasp is the Cross of Christ and His shed blood.

Christians need to stop trying to limit God’s anger to the most badly affected areas of the world today and realize that the whole world in under His judgment and needs to repent, not just the people of Haiti.